Saturday, April 10, 2010

Natural Cure For Scar Tissue Pain

When I fell a couple of years ago I had no idea the recovery process I was going to go through. Nor how many miracles where coming my way.

Having broken my ankle into many, many pieces, my calcanius into eight and other damage to my foot I was told I would never walk again.

Little did that E.R. Dr. know of the little prayer I uttered on my way down and that was "God, help me, cause I'm not going to be good at this!"

I was only falling 4'. But sometimes it doesn't take much and the damage was more like I had fallen from 20' of scaffolding, as the Dr. said.

But in this day and age miracles do happen. Along with many other blessings, I was sent to a wonderful foot Dr. who took the time and had the knowledge to re-piece all the little fragments of ankle bone, connect together the calacanius and set me on the path to healing.

I had ordered some suppliments from Northern Nutrition , Shipshewanna IN after my fall. When I received the package, along with the product I ordered, they had enclosed a sample bottle of Nature's Gold. One of the ingredients in this product is comfrey, which my sister had said the Indians used for healing broken bones.

I was on some medicine for pain managment, but they really weren't helping. And though I was taking them as the Dr. perscribed, I sure was wishing I could take them every hour instead of every three.

Remembering what I was told about the comfrey I was eager and ready to give this Nature's Gold a try......... and it didn't work!

It still hurt, the pain was intense. But I rubbed it into my heal and sole the second time that night and that's when I found relief. That was the first night I slept since the fall.

And I was able to stop the medical pain killers!

After a while it was on to physical therapy to learn to walk again. Never thought at 50+ I would have to do that. I figured it was like riding a bike: once you knew it you always had it. Well, that's not the case and they worked with me and got me started on being mobile again.

Except that the surgical scar tissue was pulling and restricting the flexibility of my ankle. They tried hot wax and messages.The hot wax felt good but wasn't doing a thing. The scar was burning. Messages, nor the wax, were giving me the range I needed to take natural steps.

And then, God sent another angel my way.

An infomercial on a Sunday morning as I wobbeled through the living room with some lady talking about persistant scar pain, a natural cure for scar tissue pain and the two ingredients were probally right in my KITCHEN!!!!

Well, she caught my attention and I put two and two together from what she said and went right over and tried it.

My scar is approximately 5" and angles around my ankle bone. As I rubbed this warmed concoction on it felt soothing, letting it set for a short time, and washing it off, I couldn't believe the way it eased the pain!

Infact, I felt like dancing! I really can not explain the relief. When you have a scar that pulls and then to have that pain gone....... just because I listened to this lady!

Well, it was an infomercial for "Secret Food Cures & Doctor - Approved Folk Remedies" by Joan Wilen and Lydia Wilen. Since her natural cure for scar tissue pain worked I went ahead and purchased the book and have tried many other natural cures. I have had good results with her other cures but nothing will ever come up to the level of the scar tissue relief for me.

If you have pain from surgical scars........ Actually, in the book, it is reccommended for the removal of acne scars........ glad I didn't know that because I might not have applied it to my ankle....... on page 155.... I hope you will purchase this book and give these two ingredients a try.

and then ......

I hope YOU feel like dancing!!!